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Inter-practice Spiritual Communities 


Cells are small groups of about 10 people that meet throughout the week all across the area: around campfires, in backyards, at the Mission, inside people's homes, and anywhere in between.

Just like cells of the human body, each cell is unique and infinitely valuable. The character and content of a cell depends on the people who are in it. No matter what, we know that when we sit down together in love, listen to and honor one another’s stories, and explore diverse spiritual practices in community, good things happen.

You do not need to be Christian, or a formal member of SWM, to join a cell.  Most people aren’t!  These are “inter-practice” groups in that they invite us to bring our own stories, beliefs, or lack thereof, and share them around common practices of gathering, meditation and contemplation, deep, active listening, celebrating solidarity, and mutual aid and support.

If you’re interested in finding, joining, or starting a cell group, contact Rev Matthew at

Thanks to our friends at Circle of Hope, Philadelphia, for mentoring us in creating these groups!

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