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Children's Community


10am Sundays:
Nursery for 0-5yo (drop off starts 9:50am)
Children's Community and Formation (School age)

We are excited about our growing and thriving community of kids, ranging from not-yet-quite-born to newly minted teens!

Children meet together every Sunday at our 10am liturgy.  Everyone begins in the sanctuary, and the kids break out into their groups after the sharing of the peace.  All children are invited back to the space after Open Space for Eucharist.

Our ethos, focus and hope for our kids is to nurture curiosity about the sacred, teach practices, perspectives and habits they can use in the midst of the every day, and to build connections and relationships that will sustain efforts of love, justice, joy and struggle for years to come. Regardless of where a household is at on their religious journey, we want to help you and your children take their next steps spiritually.



+NURSERY CARE - Sundays, 9:50am

Younger children (newborns, toddlers, preschoolers) are welcome in the nursery during morning liturgy.  On days when there are more kids, one of the volunteers takes the older (preschool age) kids into a breakout session.  Volunteers often bring crafts, stories, and other fun activities. 


Once the the Peace has been shared during liturgy, school age children are invited downstairs to the classroom for formation and community time.  Volunteer leaders base the time on the Shine curriculum, a Mennonite curriculum focused on dialogue, empathy, community building and social awareness.  Sessions last 30-40 minutes.  



SWM is in the process of finalizing a formal child safety policy.  We are committed to ensuring staff and volunteers are fully trained and accountable to protecting all children who practice at SWM.  We'll post it as soon as its complete.



+Other Seasonal Offerings:

-Occasional Events: Pumpkin Carving, Gardening, Game Nights and Dungeons & Dragons gatherings, Back to School Bash, Neighborhood Egg Hunt, Blessing of the Bicycles, and anything else our community and neighbors comes up with!  


-Open Spaces: Outdoor Liturgies – This summer, every other week, we’re gathering in parks across the area for short liturgies designed especially for families and kids, followed by time in the outdoors to play, explore and build community. 


Check out our front page slideshow and calendar for updates about upcoming events!  Note that on these days, there will be no childrens’ options offered in the evening liturgy.

-Gather at the Garden – Every Wednesday at 6pm, our Deacon, Georgia, will be at the garden, inviting families and kids to help with cultivating and caring for the land.  She often brings a snack and/or craft as well!

-Spiritual Rites of Passage – Interested in sacraments like Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Re-Affirmation or other ways to help your children grow deeper into their spiritual life?  We offer both traditional formation and also outside-the-box, godly-play and creatively imagined versions of these important rituals and practices. 


Contact Rev Matthew at to inquire and learn more!

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