Kids and Families

We are excited about our growing community of kids and families at SWM! 


We’ve got some exciting updates and plans coming in Autumn 2021.

In the meantime, here’s what to expect over the Summer:



-Open Spaces: Outdoor Liturgies – This summer, every other week, we’re gathering in parks across the area for short liturgies designed especially for families and kids, followed by time in the outdoors to play, explore and build community. 


Check out our front page slideshow and calendar for updates about upcoming events!  Note that on these days, there will be no childrens’ options offered in the evening liturgy.

-Sunday PM Liturgies: On Sundays when there is not a morning offering, we provide nursery care for 3-4yo and under.  School age kids leave during the readings and homily for their own Community Time, where they’ll play games and explore practices around spirituality and solidarity. 


Children are always welcome to participate in liturgy as well, and are welcome to share the Eucharist at the discretion of their family/parents.

-Gather at the Garden – Every Wednesday at 6pm, our Deacon, Georgia, will be at the garden, inviting families and kids to help with cultivating and caring for the land.  She often brings a snack and/or craft as well!

-Spiritual Rites of Passage – Interested in sacraments like Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Re-Affirmation or other ways to help your children grow deeper into their spiritual life?  We offer both traditional formation and also outside-the-box, godly-play and creatively imagined versions of these important rituals and practices. 


Contact Rev Matthew at to inquire and learn more!