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Peace Community Garden @ SWM

We love gardening at SWM, and we love sharing that passion with others!

We plant in early Spring, and harvest continues throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn.  If you or someone you know needs fresh produce, you’re welcome to it!  Signs are generally posted to show what is ready for harvesting!  Take what you need, and share the abdunace!

Volunteers help in weeding and watering the garden, and every Wednesday, Deacon Georgia is at the garden at 6pm to build community, often with a snack and activity for younger folks as well!

Interested in volunteering with gardening, or other grounds-related activities?  Contact Deacon Georgia at!

Peace Gardens are named after Peace Lutheran, the community that gifted us our building and grounds after 120+ years in the neighborhood.  We hope to cultivate life and land in such a way that folks in such a way that in another 120 years, others will enjoy it after us!

Produce Stand

The SWM Produce stand is out and open year round, in partnership with Rochester Food Not Bombs, the Flower City Pickers, and many other generous donors who drop off produce, non-perishables, hygiene items, and more.

If you’d like to help practice food solidarity and support our neighbors, you can either drop off food, or get in touch with Pr Matthew at to see if there are any current needs!

Click here for a map of all produce stands across the city, courtesy of FNB!

Rochester Food Not Bombs

Rochester Food Not Bombs – Solidarity at Nathaniel Rochester Square Park

SWM is honored to partner with FNB to practice solidarity with our neighbors, homeless and otherwise, in the South Wedge and Highland Park Neighborhood Areas. 


In colaboration with the Flower City Pickers, FNB prepares a meal every Saturday and then shares it at Nathaniel Rochester Square Park or other locations.  Post-COVID, we hope to explore community meals within SWM as well!


To learn more about FNB, and how to get involved, check out their website!

If you’d like to DONATE or volunteer, please contact FNB via their facebook page

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