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Beer and Carols 2021 - Outdoors Edition: Sunday Dec 12th, 6:30pm

We're taking caroling back to the streets this year with our first ever outdoor version of our annual Beer and Carols event! Adapting to persistent COVID realities, and tired of being online, we'll meet at the Mission at 6:30p on Sunday Dec 12th, the Sunday of Advent when we light the candle of Joy. We'll hand out songbooks, warm (all ages friendly!) beverages and snacks, and then, you know, sing! We'll also travel around the block together to carol at some houses! This is an all ages event, no religion or money required. If you would like to enjoy adult beverages, please figure out a safe way to do so before coming - we are not permitted to serve alcohol at SWM. To RSVP, check out our event page on Facebook!

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